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> > Personally I think Dragon Mountain was one of the most worst adventures
> > ever published, but maybe that's just me.
> >

I haven't read "Dragon Mountain", but I'm interested to know why it is bad.
Is there any D&D scenario that you do woud like to run (adapted) for RQ?

I once adapted a D&D scenario that was published in a Dragon magazine. It
was called something like "The temple of health" and it included a stone
golem shaped as a minotaur, and some giant insects. In my adaptation, the
area had been cursed by a powerful enemy of Chalana Arroy, and Healing
spells did not work there. The characters had to look for the ruins of a
Chalana Arroy temple (built previous to the curse), that included a fountain
of healing waters, the only source of magical healing in the area.

BTW, what is your favourite RQ-scenario?  :-)
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