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The most accessible information about heroquesting is in the Mongoose
products; although focused on 2nd age, the elements of heroquesting are the
same as 3rd age. Magic of Glorantha has a long discussion of heroquesting,
heroquest rewards and so on. I don't really rate the author's work as he
tends to fill space with flowery inanities but your mileage may vary. The
Blood of Orlanth campaign ends with a heroquest which also highlights what
happens when the God Learners get involved.

At its most basic you don't really need any new rules for heroquests. You
perform a ritual and off you go. A traditional heroquest is, however,
incredibly programmed with no room for deviation. Each heroquest breaks down
into a number of stations where one thing happens and must happen exactly as
prescribed or else the heroquest with a possible backlash.

Heroquests are also relative in that the more powerful you are, the more
powerful your opponents are. Basically your opponents' power level to you
should be in relation to what they were among the protagonists in the myth.
Most importantly, heroquests are generally about right action and correct
moral choices. If you must fight the knight that always wounds its enemy
then skulking in the shadows and killing it with arrow fire will either make
the quest fail or cause you a more grevious wound by another means.

Finally, heroquests are grounded in community. So you need to decide both
the community results of the heroquest (for success or failure) as well as
any individual results.

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> > In a Gloranthan context, you can't just heroquest to make new stories.
> > You re-enact stories from your mythology
> Well, in 2nd Age Glorantha, if you are a GodLearner, you simply try and
> plunder the Hero Plane.
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