[Runequest] About HeroQuesting in RQ

Steve Davies sdavies2720 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 17 15:05:21 EST 2009

I don't have a lot of rules, and I basically let characters use all their skills and spells.  I do three things differently on a Quest:

1)  At the commitment step, I tell the players that the characters are entering a Quest.  At that point, they need to sacrifice permanent POW (usually one point, but more could be possible on a higher-order quest).  Those who do NOT sacrifice can still participate but do not get the goodies at the end of the quest, they're merely helpers or observers.  This rule has taken away much of the party bickering about whether to do on a quest or not when goals differ.

2)  Typically my quests are on a 'higher plane' of existance.  Skills and other chances of success are all 1/2, 1/3, or less.  But, skill advancements are made against these lower target values as well, so players want their characters to participate in the quests to gain heroic skills.

3)  To the extent possible, I try to make magical (including divine) manifestations unique and memorable.  So instead of just casting a divine spell, I might have a representative of the deity appear to ask what is going on.  Based on roleplaying, the spell effect might be granted, or the representative might decide something else is appropriate.  After all, it's rare that a god will get asked for a boon from their own plane.

I find the quests almost have to be freeform and highly roleplayed.  Luckily the narrative structure lends itself to loosely coupled situations or encounters that are strung together, which lets the action expand or contract as needed to accomodate the roleplaying and unexpected interactions.


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