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Hi everyone,

I'm planning my first attempt at running a heroquest with RQ3, and I would
like to know how other gamemasters went about it. I'm running the
Borderlands campaign and Duke Raus is going to do a heroquest to make a pact
with Zola Fel. He wants to start irrigation channels for the fields of his
settlers, so he has asked the high authorities of Sun County for the secret
of the River Ritual (the one described in "Sun County").

Therefore, I plan to get the players (who are River Voices) to accompany
with him and help him in his quest.
Some sessions ago, the players freed a long lost naiad, a daughter of Zola
Fel, that had been imprisoned in a God-Learner ruin close to Fort Raus, so
she is the one the Duke will ritually get married with.

Any suggestions? What rules do you recommend to use? Will the players be
able to cast their divine spells (they are orlanthi, vingan, lodrili,
humakti, daka fali and even a follower of Yelorna)? What could happen that
surprises them?


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