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That's a bit narrow.  'IF' you survived that pike critical, you would be in a better position to parry in the future as you may have learned some valuable lessons.


Sorta like the Germans learning the tank game, they took a bit of a hit from Allied tanks in WWI, but they employed the lessons w/ WWII tanks, not other WWI tanks (and there was a WORLD of difference between tanks in those 30 years).


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I'd imagine that you'd need to have the corresponding skill! For example, if you get criticalled by a pikeman, but you only know how to use a sword, the experience won't mean much to you - from a learning perspective, that is.


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On Wed, 2009-10-21 at 08:15 -0600, Tom Cantine wrote:
> Here's what I like to do: Award ticks when the PC fumbles a skill, or
> when paying close attention while someone else gets a special success.
> (Mostly this means if your opponent gets a special against you.
> Obviously you must survive the fight in order to gain the benefit of
> this experience.)

*nods* That is certainly a worthwhile extension that follows the
"ingrained in memory" principle.

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