[Runequest] Character Improvement (was Re: Divine Intervention in RuneQuest)

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Wed Oct 21 06:51:08 EST 2009

On Tue, 2009-10-20 at 13:25 +0000, strobus at sympatico.ca wrote:
> Hi Lev,

Hi Chris,
> With the system as presented in the book, there is less likelihood
> of a skill increasing the higher it gets. This is built into the
> system.

There is less chance of a skill increasing, but there is more chance of
getting an experience check. At low levels, there is a greater
likelihood of getting a skill increase, but less chance of getting an
experience check. At the middle they're about average. Overall it would
seem that the each successful application of a skill has the same chance
(e.g., low = 5% chance of tick + 95% chance of increase, medium = 50%
chance of tick + 50% chance of increase, high = 95% chance of tick + 5%
chance of success).

> for a skill check. So if I increase the combat difficulty as the
> players get better, wouldn't the rate of skill improvement remain
> constant as the PCs get better because they are always facing
> increasingly difficult challenges, instead of decreasing?

... This said, the number of opportunities for an experience check each
scenario is often several; but there is only one opportunity for a
chance of success. So that would, as you say, bias it towards slowing
down the rate of improvement. So yes, in that regard you are correct.
> What has your experience been with this - how have you dealt with it?

There are two ways. One is that I simply make such equivalent martial
conflicts less common in the general narrative. As the PCs advance
towards and beyond Runelord/Priest and Shaman status (haven't had a
Magus yet) they become more engrossed in either (a) the politics of the
region (b) the spiritual dimension or (c) most other conflicts are often

Effectively they have become the assault troops of their cult and should
be treated as such.

Finally, I have a natural cap in my game of 100% plus characteristic
bonus, which applies to NPCs and PCs equally.




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