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> Issue
> There has been a fair bit of Divine Intervention going on in my campaign
> of late, mainly out of justified desperation as the difficulty level
> arcs up. But due the rather random nature of DI, the PCs have suffered a
> great deal with three PCs losing over 18 points of POW each. You can
> imagine what it is like with three of the PCs now wandering around with
> almost no chance of casting a Heal I, let alone resisting a Disruption.
> It lead me to do some investigations on the various editions of the game
> and some thoughts on which is perhaps better that the rather extreme
> randomness that currently exists.

Then again, if you're following canonical POW gain roll rules, your given
enfeebled adventurers could sit in a local tavern, using disrupt or whatever
1 point spell they have against stray animals, rodents, and frogs (assume
POW 1d6), and relatively quickly train up their POW.
Spreadsheeting this a while ago, a POW 2 character could get his POW up to
10 in anything from about 2 weeks to 2 months (lots of variables there).
(Faster, if you allow more than 1 POW gain roll per day.)

Unfortunately, the RQ3 mechanics work out that with 3 weeks of downtime (not
ALL that uncommon), characters could argue that they get what is to me TOO
Starting POW:extra POW after 21 days
POW 6 = 9-10 points
POW 9 =  5-8 points
POW 12 = 3-7 points
POW 15 = 3-6 points

To me, essentially letting the characters get even a half-dozen POW worth of
divine magic every 3 weeks is crazy overpowered.  A clever character,
reasonably secure in his personal safety, with a POW of 16, could burn 10
points, knowing in 3 weeks he'd probably have them all back.

So yes, this is tangential to your DI questions, but I think not irrelevant.
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