[Runequest] Spell guide lines?

Eric Bailey lordtwig at cyberkeep.com
Wed Nov 25 14:37:43 EST 2009

It is consistent if you look at some of the spells that are in sorcery.
How flexible is a spell like Venom after all?

Peter Brink mentioned adding a Create (element) spell, and that would be
good, but I don't think that using Form/Set would be necessary and a
Hurl spell certainly wouldn't. There is already an Animate (substance)
spell and even that I don't think should be needed.

First I wouldn't actually call it Create because any element that is
brought into existence should be temporary. For an attack spell I would
just create an (element) Blast spell.

*(Element) Blast*
Ranged, Passive, Instant
This spell summons forth the power of one of the elements (Air,
Darkness, Earth, Fire or Water) to strike a 1m-diameter area. The
intensity increases either the power or the diameter of effect by 2m.
Air, Earth or Water do impact damage equal to 1D6 per 4 intensity in the
spell (remaining points of intensity do +1, +1D3 and +1D3+1 for 1, 2 and
3 points). Fire does fire damage in the same manner. Darkness strikes
everyone in the area of effect with a fearshock attack using the
intensity of the spell to overcome the magic points of the targets, roll
separately for each target.

I like to roll dice, but you could just have the spell do 1 damage per
point instead. The 1m starting diameter makes it easy to count out the
space on a hex map. 1m-diameter is one hex, every additional 2m of
diameter adds an additional row of hexes around the first.

With the above spell you can use Intensity to increase the damage or
area of the spell. So if you wanted to create a 9m, 4d6 ball of fire it
would take a 20 intensity spell, 16 for the 4d6 damage and 4 for the
increased area. By default you could cast this spell up to 10m away,
each point of Range would double the distance. You could also use
Multispell to either cast several Fire Blasts simultaneously or cast
some other spell at the same time. If there was going to be only 3
targets in your 9m Fire Blast it would be more efficient to just cast 3
Multispelled 1m Fire Blasts. Duration would not be applicable since it
is an instant spell.

Wayne Shaw wrote:
> At 05:16 AM 11/17/2009, you wrote:
>> Interesting, but I disagree.
>> Certainly one of the fortes of a sorceror is flexibility, but I also 
>> like to offer the sorcerous caster some 'fixed' structure spells.
> I don't think that's consistent with the structure of RQ3 style 
> sorcery, though.
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