[Runequest] Spell guide lines?

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Interesting, but I disagree. 

Certainly one of the fortes of a sorceror is flexibility, but I also like to offer the sorcerous caster some 'fixed' structure spells. 

Or more accurately, to offer a bundled spell that omits flexibility for a discount of a few magic points.   Particularly aoe spells I prefer not to allow them to finesse them too much. 

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Christopher Fasulo skrev:
> Are there any guide lines for creating sorcery spells

The only things I can think of is that a sorcery spell should be:
* manipulatable
* combinable
* and generic

There should be no Sorcery spell like the classic "fireball". Instead
one should combine spells like form/set fire, create fire, and hurl
(there are no create fire or hurl spells but there should be...). The
create fire spell creates fire out of nothing and its intensity sets the
heat and the size of the fire, the form/set spell creates a compressed
ball of the fire and hurl flings the fire up to a given range and at a
speed which depends on its intensity.

/Peter Brink
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