[Runequest] Spell guide lines?

Peter Brink peter.brink at brinkdata.se
Tue Nov 17 23:34:47 EST 2009

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Peter Brink skrev:
> Christopher Fasulo skrev:
>> Are there any guide lines for creating sorcery spells
> The only things I can think of is that a sorcery spell should be:
> * manipulatable
> * combinable
> * and generic
> There should be no Sorcery spell like the classic "fireball". Instead
> one should combine spells like form/set fire, create fire, and hurl
> (there are no create fire or hurl spells but there should be...). The
> create fire spell creates fire out of nothing and its intensity sets the
> heat and the size of the fire, the form/set spell creates a compressed
> ball of the fire and hurl flings the fire up to a given range and at a
> speed which depends on its intensity.

Create fire is of course just a version of the Create <element> spell,
there should be a Destroy <element> spell too. The glow spell is really
a create light spell and it could be used as a template for create
<element> spells (if one wanted to).

/Peter Brink
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