[Runequest] Mongoose to release a new version of RQ II

Dale Long dtl at internode.on.net
Sat Nov 7 02:09:50 EST 2009

Gary Sturgess wrote:
> Which is hardly that important, since it's not as if Chaosium lose a
> sale if someone thinks that a bad review of MRQ2 is actually a review
> of "classic" RQ2. OK, it might feasibly mean that someone somewhere
> decides not to join a group playing RQ2 based on a review they saw
> (and didn't read very closely, in order for this to work) on rpg.net,
> but you'll forgive me if I consider that scenario to be somewhat less
> than a hanging offence.
You make the assumption that the value of the original RQ2 review is for 
the benefit of Chaosium.
The reverse is potentially more problematic.
On the simple side, it is a misrepresentation.
On the complex side, a sense of history and comparative perspective is 
lost, or at least harder to access, for newer players.

But then as you allude to, people are people, marketing is marketing, 
and no one remembers. Which is all double plus good.

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