[Runequest] Mongoose to release a new version of RQ II

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In that case you have a fair criticism from a market clarity perspective; however much of the tone of this thread reeks of a marginalized splinter cult screaming charges of apostasy at anyone who 'dares' to 'corrupt' the sainted memory of their frankly-moribund game. 
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Gary Sturgess wrote:
> Thing is: if RQ2 were still in print, then this would bother me a lot
> more. But not only isn't this the case, it isn't even the most recent
> "old school" version to go out of print. Now, Mongoose do have some
> crimes to answer for - their apparent refusal to credit playtesters
> and the original authors (though this is something D&D4e did as well -
> a possible trend) - but in the end they put out a version of RuneQuest
> for the 21st century, and way before Chaosium managed to get BRP out.

My comments have nothing to do with any crimes Mongoose may or may have 
not committed.

In the here and now, if a person does a search for "review runequest 2", 
they will be confused when they find a review for RQ2 on RPG.net.

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