[Runequest] Mongoose to release a new version of RQ II

Gary Sturgess gazza666 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 23:17:05 EST 2009

2009/11/6 Dale Long <dtl at internode.on.net>:
> Phil Hibbs wrote:
>> Because a lot of people have an emotional attachment to the real
>> "RQ2". It's like if New Line commissioned Alan Dean Foster to write a
>> novelization of the LOTR movies. A lot of people would be upset by
>> that.
> From the unemotional clinical side, having two RQ2's causes potential
> confusion, undermines past blog and review references and taints the
> name-space.

Technically, yeah.

Thing is: if RQ2 were still in print, then this would bother me a lot
more. But not only isn't this the case, it isn't even the most recent
"old school" version to go out of print. Now, Mongoose do have some
crimes to answer for - their apparent refusal to credit playtesters
and the original authors (though this is something D&D4e did as well -
a possible trend) - but in the end they put out a version of RuneQuest
for the 21st century, and way before Chaosium managed to get BRP out.

Understand that I don't even like MRQ, but I don't think they really
deserve to be crucified just for putting out a second edition of their
game. I mean, I doubt I'm alone in disliking MRQ because it doesn't
"feel" like RQ. But Mongoose have the rights to the name, and just
like "RuneQuest Slayers" that Avalon Hill kicked out after RQ4
collapsed, it's not the first time such trademark confusion has

Realistically, there cannot be many die hard RQ2 fans that don't
already own a copy of the "one true" Chaosium game to bear the title,
so it is hard to see exactly who is being disadvantaged here. And some
of the Second Age stuff that Mongoose have put out isn't half bad -
though obviously I'd make the appropriate mechanical changes.

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