[Runequest] Mongoose to release a new version of RQ II

Dale Long dtl at internode.on.net
Fri Nov 6 22:49:14 EST 2009

Phil Hibbs wrote:
> Because a lot of people have an emotional attachment to the real
> "RQ2". It's like if New Line commissioned Alan Dean Foster to write a
> novelization of the LOTR movies. A lot of people would be upset by
> that.

 From the unemotional clinical side, having two RQ2's causes potential 
confusion, undermines past blog and review references and taints the 

This comment is in no way is intended to show a lack of respect for the 
authors behind the new MRQ2 release. I think the new results will be 
greatly appreciated by many.

To meet both marketing and purist views, it could even be a good idea to 
use the title: "RuneQuest 5e".
The solution is as follows:
- Maintains a clear product lineage.
- In today's marketing climate "5e" sounds 'better'. Given that version 
3.5e and 4e of the other game differ enough between each other in their 
own system, and people are willing to upgrade, the "5e" might even win 
over converts who chase version numbers irrespective of the system 
differences. It took the other game 30 years to catch up. Beware the 
WotC lawyers.

Given that MRQ1 is actually "5e", MRQ2 should actually be "6e".

Just some food for thought.

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