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>  Yep, the eternal "book-keeping/complexity" vs. "realism".
> On this one, you don't need to ad up the encumbrance and subtract it from
> Fatigue (well you do, to sort out the SR-penalties and the "Habit Rating"
> was extra book-keeping;"How long have you actually worn those bryniehoses?")
> We solved it by letting the GM deal with all technicalities....

I've tried to simplify it by saying that anytime you roll %ile doubles, d20
against CON.  Fail, you get a poker chip which represents -10% to everything
until you reasonably rest.
+2 for every STR worth of ENC you're carrying (max limit 5xSTR)

Honestly, I haven't number-crunched to see if it generates 'realistic'
results, but it a) provides a credible and easily-understood link between
your load and fatigue consequences; and b) makes the penalty for fatigue
significant enough that people are aware of it, but not obsessive.
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