[Runequest] Mongoose to release a new version of RQ II

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Thu Nov 5 00:34:21 EST 2009

My AH Delux edition box specifically says "3rd Edition" on the back. 


I firmly believe that Mongoose has been trying strike their own RQ path since the beginning and this is just a next logical step. The original MRQ was simply called 'Runequest' as if there were no previous editions. No credit was given in the book to prior authors, and from what I understand even the opinion of many old-fan playtesters was ignored during playtesting (though that last might be exaggerated hearsay). The monicker 'MRQ' was only applied by the existing fans after the fact because (in part)they felt it didn't follow previous editions closely enough to be given a number, and because of the confusion surrounding AIG (never officially released) and Slayers and how they fell into the numbering sequence.


I have personally never agreed with Mongoose's handling of the franchise and unless this edition represents a major change I will continue to cast my vote in the only way I can - with my wallet.



By the way, Phil - is there any such thing as a non-self-referential sig??


> Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 09:33:13 +0000
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> It's normal to not mention version numbers - RuneQuest has, as people
> have pointed out, always been just "RuneQuest", with the only suffix
> being based on whether you're getting the full set of everything in
> one box, or a cut-down set of the rules. The absence of "official"
> version numbers always led fans to apply their own numbers - RQ2, RQ3,
> etc. What surprised me is that they are actually calling this
> "RuneQuest 2", which is a name that already has a strong association
> within RQ fandom.
> Phil Hibbs.
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