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Yep, the eternal "book-keeping/complexity" vs. "realism". 

On this one, you don't need to ad up the encumbrance and subtract it from Fatigue (well you do, to sort out the SR-penalties and the "Habit Rating" was extra book-keeping;"How long have you actually worn those bryniehoses?") We solved it by letting the GM deal with all technicalities, and leave the players with the actual roleplaying. IMO that is the best way to roleplay, and since I don't think RQ3's fatigue rules are very accurate/realistic anyway, I've allways thought that the extra book-keeping is not worth the effort, so I've usually just skipped them, just estimating how tired charaters are, letting them roll CON as some kind of willpower-test to see if they manage to push themselves for another 10 seconds, or wether they faint from overheating. It's (IMO) really only in player vs. player that rules have to be cut in stone.



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I know what you mean.  I explained the fatigue system to someone who played RQII, and he asked "Well does the fact that they get fatigued mean they heal slower?"  I think there are a lot more issues you could address, but as ever, you end up with a lot more bookkeeping.
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> >It's tons of sources on marching routines in Roman Legions and in 
> >Greek armies, but when dressing up a relatively fit warrior in RQ3, 
> >they don't last long if put to the test; that frutstrates me. In one 
> >of my Houserules, FP's are unaffected by armor, but movement, 
> >agility (SR) is strongly affected by wearing armor. In another of my 
> >Houserules,
> I think that's a fundamental flaw in the fatigue point system; it 
> does okay with short burst fatigue, but doesn't handle the issue of 
> longer term fatigue, well, really a all.
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