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Metal Plate Armor has one characteristic that modern combat gear 
doesn't, possibly including modern armor. It doesn't allow any air onto 
the body that wasn't already heated up by exertion already. It's not the 
weight, it's the circulation. Moslem soldiers in the Crusades did very 
fine with light armor. They knew how to build to let some air circulate. 
The demo I am referencing was at the 3rd DunDraCon, about 1978. Metal 
armor was already pretty common. Most everyone had at least chain or 
scale over padding. And that padding is no help to circulation, either.

Sean and his soldier buddies in the early 70s in 'Nam were at the height 
of the no armor doctrine in military combat wear. However hot the air 
was in the jungle, it was at least circulating past your skin. In armor, 
you bake.


Sven Lugar wrote:
> And Steve that was in the day when SCA armor requirements were "a Helm 
> - 18 guage or better steel" period end of sentence - even before 
> basketball pads were required. (Yes, the misspelling of gauge is a 
> deliberate. I'm copying what was written then.) Boy were we dumb then! 
> I still have pictures of Steve & me from then.
> However, I did lead 12 fighters in full transition plate steel armour 
> in a 9 minute fast run around the swamp & up the backside of the hill 
> (approximately 7/8s of a mile) at Glen Helen park in 1980?? at the 
> first Glen Helen War. We smacked so hard into the rear of the Aten 
> army & they never saw us coming. We took out most of their army. No 
> one It was muggy & in the high 90's & no one dropped from heat or had 
> problems keeping up. Of course we weren't on a 14th ce peasants diet 
> either. From personal experience I did 2-1/2 tours in very hot & humid 
> terrain during the early 70's & we could hustle our buns (often at a 
> dog trot back to the extraction point) all day & most of the night 
> long for days on end without dropping despite carrying gear, weapons & 
> ammo on us. In comparison Armour is lighter & better distributed 
> weight wise than modern gear. These are notable exceptions to what 
> most folk can take that have gotten remarked upon because they were 
> unusual. Steve is quite correct in on how fatiguing it can get in a 
> fight.
> My conclusion, yes there are exceptions to any case, but in general 
> you'll have a good balanced game sticking by the fatigue rules that 
> remain generally accurate.
> Steve Perrin wrote:
>> You really don't have to go through such extremes. Just be part of an 
>> SCA demo in full armor in an inside venue for 10 minutes. You'll feel 
>> like you are in a steam room of a cruiser during the battle of Manila 
>> Bay. (The only American casualty during that battle was an engineer 
>> who died of heat exhaustion, wearing a t-shirt and bell bottoms)
>> Been there, done that.
>> Steve Perrin
>> David Smart wrote:
>>> Actually, I use the same fatigue rules as you do and imposed the 
>>> same heat/humidity-based changes on fatigue when one of my player 
>>> groups moved into a tropical jungle environment near my world's 
>>> equator.
>>> If your friend really wants to put his ideas to the test, perhaps 
>>> he'll agree to wearing his full armor suit in a wet sauna for 5 
>>> solid minutes while jogging in place and raising his live steel 
>>> sword and shield over his head every three seconds for the entire 5 
>>> minutes...after 1 month of eating a 14th century diet.
>>> Personally, I give him about 90 seconds (about 8 RQ rounds).
>>> Apologies if I seem a bit snippy but I've found that most reenactors 
>>> have very little idea as to what the realities of medieval life were 
>>> despite the plethora of research material available in print and on 
>>> the Internet.
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