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>From my perspective it depends on what sort of environment you are used to.
I live in the far north of Sweden where it is cool and dry in summer and
serious subzero and very dry in winter.  If I fight outside in minus 20
Celsius I find I have the stamina o a bull and can keep on fighting with
very few rests (whilst I grow a beard of icicles from the bottom of my

Whenever I've travelled to the States to fight, especially the South East, I
am completely stuffed.  The combination of heat and humidity means I lucky
to be able to fight at my top level for more than a handful of fights before
my core temperature shuts me down.  By the end of a week I am partially
acclimatised, but I am painfully aware of how significantly my endurance is

Of course these are situations where I am engaging in sequential bouts, with
no period of cooling off.  A battle is a completely different experience,
since most of the time is spent moving across the field, then standing about
waiting for the true engagement to occur.  When it does, then the fighting
is usually over very quickly and one side's morale breaks - battle over.
So, save for running, you build very little heat.

Personally, after experiencing tropical and rain forest in three different
continents, I'd hate to have to wear armour and fight there.  Heat
exhaustion aside, I'd be covered with open sores from the damp armour
straps. Also, there's no air movement under the canopy, so cooling down
takes forever.

As for Bronze Age weapons and armour, take a look at this following paper
which re-evaluates the previously held scholastic views with a more hands on


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