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lol, you mean they dont live the reality???
I have often have had them do the same, and then said prove it, BTW I was a reenactor as well, , many time periods, and despite I love the fantasy of it, I hate camping, lol
they do fight for short periods of time in heat, then they cant move for hours, how many times have I had to call a "medic" or "chiurgeon" over when someone over heated, or got heatstroke,
I would allow that walking takes less , maybe triple the times, because of training, or allow a skill roll for some kind of survival to allow the person to keep wearing armor, but then add issues of chaffing from the armor, including issues of infection

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Actually, I use the same fatigue rules as you do and imposed the same heat/humidity-based changes on fatigue when one of my player groups moved into a tropical jungle environment near my world's equator.

If your friend really wants to put his ideas to the test, perhaps he'll agree to wearing his full armor suit in a wet sauna for 5 solid minutes while jogging in place and raising his live steel sword and shield over his head every three seconds for the entire 5 minutes...after 1 month of eating a 14th century diet.

Personally, I give him about 90 seconds (about 8 RQ rounds).

Apologies if I seem a bit snippy but I've found that most reenactors have very little idea as to what the realities of medieval life were despite the plethora of research material available in print and on the Internet.

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