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Hi Tony,


Those are pretty cool and would fit right into my setting. In fact, I might like to use them tonight. Unfortunately, I won't have access to your original email before game time - would you mind re-sending me the original email with the stats?




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> Robert Hoffman wrote:
> > I like it! If the movement is so slow I would imagine the encounter would
> > rely on the player unexpectedly coming across one, which would then
> > translate to a mine field type situation where something like 3D4 of the
> > creatures are spaced through out a lake bed and the players may "trigger"
> > one by chance. I mention this because if this is the nature of the threat
> > you may want to suggest some form of luck roll to indicate when such an
> > encounter would be triggered, since by the description it sounds like the
> > creature would only have that one initial attack in an encounter unless
> > the
> > player chose to engage it (ie a mission to collect X number of them).
> Thanks Bert. Yes I was thinking along these lines, but once they know
> there is a threat. Or perhaps have a kind of battleship game planned, were
> they say where they are walking "I move from B5 to C5" and GM says hit or
> miss:)
> Yes, I saw this as a totally specialised creature, so its ambush is
> basically it. If a player somehow sneaks up on one and the harpoon is
> still "cocked" the you never know, on engagement its possible for a hit I
> suppose.
> The way I plan to play this initially is have the lads mounted crossing
> the wasteland. Shell strikes and damages one players horses inner hoof,
> the sensitive part. Horse is lame and may eventually have to be left
> behind to die (or be put out). Either way now there is one non mounted
> character, likley ill equipped for a foot trek across a desert
> environment. Then it happens to another horse......
> Not to mention the huge drizzling of players as their characters vastly
> expensive horses are taken out. Cruel I know, but one could wittle an
> adventure of high intentions and morals down to one of the basest
> survival.
> Tony
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