[Runequest] [RQIII]Razor Shells

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Thu May 7 15:49:53 EST 2009

Robert Hoffman wrote:
> I like it!  If the movement is so slow I would imagine the encounter would
> rely on the player unexpectedly coming across one, which would then
> translate to a mine field type situation where something like 3D4 of the
> creatures are spaced through out a lake bed and the players may "trigger"
> one by chance.  I mention this because if this is the nature of the threat
> you may want to suggest some form of luck roll to indicate when such an
> encounter would be triggered, since by the description it sounds like the
> creature would only have that one initial attack in an encounter unless
> the
> player chose to engage it (ie a mission to collect X number of them).

Thanks Bert. Yes I was thinking along these lines, but once they know
there is a threat. Or perhaps have a kind of battleship game planned, were
they say where they are walking "I move from B5 to C5" and GM says hit or

Yes, I saw this as a totally specialised creature, so its ambush is
basically it. If a player somehow sneaks up on one and the harpoon is
still "cocked" the  you never know, on engagement its possible for a hit I

The way I plan to play this initially is have the lads mounted crossing
the wasteland. Shell strikes and damages one players horses inner hoof,
the sensitive part. Horse is lame and may eventually have to be left
behind to die (or be put out). Either way now there is one non mounted
character, likley ill equipped for a foot trek across a desert
environment. Then it happens to another horse......

Not to mention the huge drizzling of players as their characters vastly
expensive horses are taken out. Cruel I know, but one could wittle an
adventure of high intentions and morals down to one of the basest

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