[Runequest] Gambling in RQ

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Mon May 4 22:20:23 EST 2009

Albert Ramirez wrote:
> Has anyone developed rules for gambling in RQ?  Are their any rune dice
> available. i.e. dice with the runes inscribed on their
> faces

Not specifically. There are a few ways I have approached this in the past.
1. Just have the players make a bet and roll a few dice (determine what
must be rolled, like highest number on 3D6 or most same numbers on
assorted dice etc).
2. Actually let the players have a fictitious gamble, say with cards. Dish
out cards and have a quick round of poker - not suggested because this
could become a case of "one more round" and teh game get sidetracked.
3. A gambling skill could be determined. I would say it would be a
knowledge skill, although it could perhaps fall under communication? Then
just roll against that skill. Conversly if the gambles thinks someone is
cheating (slight) they could perhaps roll against gambling to see if this
is so, but how to play it if they fail and the other person is  not
cheating, would take strong players to keep the character and player
knowledge seperated.

Don't know if there are RuneQuest specific rune dice out there? But there
are plenty different types of runedice available, just look around at game
shop or on eBay.


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