[Runequest] Divine Magic Again

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> >That seems like an unreasonable bargain...as long as your multispell % is
> > decent, why cast a single 10-point "blast of whatever" at someone, when
> > you can cast 5x 5-point spells for the same cost? (And if the scaling is
> > linear, get 250% 'bang' for your MP 'buck'?)
>I can't remember the official rule on resisting, but I always ruled 
>that each spell is resisted independently, so someone with 12 MP is 
>resisting the 5 spells at 85% instead of one big spell at 60%. 
>Similarly, the small spells are more likely to be bounced by 
>protective magic. I once had a player sorceror kill himself by 
>sending 17 1-point Venoms at a big monster, not knowing that it had 
>a "reflects 1 point spells" chaos feature.

That's always how I remember us doing it at least.

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