[Runequest] Multispell

Leon Kirshtein leonbk at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 29 20:48:43 EST 2009

> That seems like an unreasonable bargain...as long as your
> multispell % is decent, why cast a single 10-point
> "blast of whatever" at someone, when you can cast
> 5x 5-point spells for the same cost? (And if the scaling is
> linear, get 250% 'bang' for your MP
> 'buck'?)
> In fact, throwing this on a quick spreadsheet, this seems
> to even MORE overpower the higher-powered sorcerers - with a
> 4 point spell, your choices are either a single
> "4" or 2x2's for net total damage:MP of 1.0
> either way.  But at a 6mp spell, you could cast 3x3s for a
> max dmg of 9 or 150% of 'value' of the invested
> MP.  The 10-pt example is above, and it gets even grosser
> with more powerful spells...
> 18 pt (best is 9x9) 450%
> 30 pt (best is 15x15) for 750%
> ...not that people are usually tossing 18 or 30 point
> spells, of course.
> I can see offering a 'discount' if the multispells
> are the identical spells, but only by an mp or so.  It
> seems logical to me that EACH spell has to be powered, but
> the advantage of the multispell is solely chronological -
> that is, you get the effects simultaneously.

We made a ruling for Multispell that it can either be used to combine several different spells at the same target, or to cast a single spell at multiple targets. In addition, a lot of the sorcery spells were rewritten to say that the Intensity of the spell had to be at least 1/2 of the targeting unit. For example a Neutralize Magic had to equal 1/2 of the MP of the spell the caster is trying to dispel. Solved a lot of problems.

One big change I added was a separate casting skill for Sorcerers (started at INT x3). This allowed them to cast even small spells as well as big spells and made it easier to have medium range sorcerer.



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