[Runequest] Divine Magic Again

Gary Sturgess gazza666 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 18:16:34 EST 2009

2009/7/29 Hibbs, Phil <phil.hibbs at capgemini.com>:
> Stypoa:
>>That seems like an unreasonable bargain...as long as your multispell % is
>> decent, why cast a single 10-point "blast of whatever" at someone, when
>> you can cast 5x 5-point spells for the same cost? (And if the scaling is
>> linear, get 250% 'bang' for your MP 'buck'?)
> I can't remember the official rule on resisting, but I always ruled that
> each spell is resisted independently, so someone with 12 MP is resisting the
> 5 spells at 85% instead of one big spell at 60%. Similarly, the small spells
> are more likely to be bounced by protective magic. I once had a player
> sorceror kill himself by sending 17 1-point Venoms at a big monster, not
> knowing that it had a "reflects 1 point spells" chaos feature.

Of course it depends on exactly what the spell does, but statistically
there is no difference between blocking spell of intensity 10X 60% of
the time, and blocking 6 out of 10 spells of intensity X. Of course
countermagic is a good reason to throw the big ones, though. Typically
Multispell is best used to hit multiple targets rather than one target
lots of times.

But in any case there are comparatively few sorcery attack spells that
scale directly with intensity; many of them have a threshold that
lower intensities wouldn't meet. There are some cases where it is a
good idea, of course - if you're facing a shaman, then probably a low
Intensity Stupefaction (maybe even only Intensity 1) is "good enough".
Of course, good luck succeeding in overcoming a shaman's magic points,
but I digress... ;)

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