[Runequest] Sandy's Sorcery

Peter Brink peter.brink at brinkdata.se
Wed Jul 29 04:22:06 EST 2009

Gary Sturgess skrev:

> Are my experiences typical, or have
> you generally found sorcery to be more balanced than I have?

My impression, after having just two players running sorcerers, is that 
RQIII sorcerers are near to useless when starting out, which my players 
solved by becoming warrior-mages. Sorcerers become very powerful however 
when they get skill levels at 80+, this is probably intended. RQIII 
sorcery seems primarily aimed simulating NPC Magus sorcerers lurking in 
their towers.

One way of solving the power problem is to rule that a spell can only be 
manipulated using skill level/20 MPs. When a spell is mastered it can be 
manipulated without any restrictions. Check out OpenQuest (A MRQ 
derivative that adds some RQII/III concepts back into the mix) for a 
single skill sorcery system. Combine with the manipulation cap and (at 
least IMHO) you have a good manageable system.

You'll find OpenQuest at http://d101games.co.uk/books/openquest/


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