[Runequest] Sandy's Sorcery

Nikk Effingham nikk.effingham at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 02:46:29 EST 2009

I agree that Sandy's sorcery system is somewhat unbalanced, and that
starting characters are somewhat gross using it. ESPECIALLY if they
haven't got around to using multispell effectively. And just wait
until they clock on that in a major combat, when their enemies have
blown their rune magic they can just run away and come back 15 minutes
later. Their sorcery spells will still be up, but their enemies will
not be so lucky...

There's a few solutions:

* Do nothing. That was my solution. Everyone played a sorcery wielding
character (indeed, they were Henotheists so they wandered around with
rune magic too). Hopefully no-one will press you on the cracks in the
rules by using tactics such as running away from major fights in the
hope that the enemy's rune magic expires etc. That's worked fine for
my campaign, and it's been going for donkey's years.

* You've already banned using ceremony to boost manipulation, so carry
on in that manner. I'd advise ditching Multispell entirely, especially
for when they get more powerful it really breaks the game. Also, ditch
the system whereby you can use extra POW to make 'better' sorcery
matrices that add to your chance to cast (ergo your manipulation).

* If you're feeling mean, consider reverting Treat Wounds back to the
original one Sandy used. So rather than healing point for point, or
1d(intensity), it only allows multiple first aid attempts. This might
balance it out (as sorcery would be ace, but terrible at healing you)
or kill all your PCs (as they have no way to defend against crits

* My solution for my new RQ House Rules for my forthcoming campaign is
to ditch most of the spells. So do away with Boost Damage, Bless Sword
etc. and just give every one, no matter who, access to 'spirit magic'
(renamed as 'common magic' or 'battle magic'). Then the very basic
magic is all the same. Sorcerors will then concentrate on their
venoms, palsy, shapechange, fly etc. Which I always thought were more
balanced in many ways (although I'd change Shapechange back to
Shapchange [species] to [species]). Downside: probably difficult to do
in an already running campaign; bit tricky for those characters who
are in Malkioni cultures, as I don't think the non-sorcerors will have
as much 'fun' as their theistic opposite numbers who get rune magic
(as the non-sorcery users end up using common/spirit magic and that's
it, it kinda limits their options as to how to advance their
characters). I'd be interested in hearing solutions for that (Saints
is one, but I don't think they're correctly balanced either).

Also, have you checked out Sandy's Mysticism rules?


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