[Runequest] Sandy's Sorcery

Hibbs, Phil phil.hibbs at capgemini.com
Wed Jul 29 01:29:05 EST 2009

>us had ever really played around with sorcery before. Having run it
>for a while now, I've got a few fairly serious balance issues with it.

How much Presence do your characters have, and what kind of Vows are they
using in absence of a Western framework? If your characters are Adepts with
access to all the arts, then they are rune-level characters and should be
equivalently powerful to a priest or shaman.

>I was under the impression that it was supposed to go (in
>terms of power) Divine > Spirit > Sorcery. 

Point-for-point, yes, but overall, a practitioner at the top of their game
in either should be roughly on a par with each other.

Phil Hibbs.
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