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2009/7/28 Gary Sturgess <gazza666 at gmail.com>

> Are my experiences typical, or have
> you generally found sorcery to be more balanced than I have?
I ran a long sorcery using campaign once set in Jonatela during the ban
where I gradually moved from straight-forward RQ3 sorcery to one adapting
Sandy Peterson's rules. I squared the circle by using the Ars Magica
approach where sorcerers are, simply, more powerful and each player had a
group of characters, one of whom was a sorcerer. The non-sorcerer PCs did
tend to be much better than non-sorcery NPCs because they had the benefit of
long-duration spells on them however most of the campaign was politicking,
diplomacy and so on. The powerful effect of sorcery became a feature because
although they were more powerful, they were an outpost and if the clans got
together to wipe them out, they could do so through superior numbers.

That said, these days I use Mongoose RQ as my RQ system of choice and I
would use their sorcery system. There is a caveat in that, as with so much
Mongoose, they completely failed to adapt the spell descriptions properly so
the spell effects are all over the place in terms of power. If you have a
look at the SRD for the basics of how sorcery works then you might find that
you prefer the balance.

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