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They haven't really thought through how it work with spirit cults. Probably
in RQ you would use pure rune/spirit magic and not generally get involved
with divine style magic. That's how they did it in Cults of Glorantha II
(though it got horribly mangled.)

Probably what you would have is a pact with a great spirit that provides
various "gifts." The pact mechanic also allows for gifts, each gift by
default using 1 point of Dedicated POW in the pact. They were used in the
non-Gloranthan supplements (Elric). So I would guess that a Shaman would
lose some MPs to gifts but would more than make up for it through the extra
MPs that come from a fetch. Gifts could potentially include expanded Magic

Should be noted that Mongoose RQ assumes that magic items are much less
prevalent than previous RQ. An average PC no longer runs around with MP
matrices, bound POW spirits and so on. Similarly sorcery has been rejigged
so that you spells which formerly might have cost 10-12 MPs probably now
only cost 2-3 MPs. This means that dedicated POW is now both more crippling
(because there are fewer sources of external MPs) and less crippling (you
don't generally need as many MPs.)

2009/7/27 Gary Sturgess <gazza666 at gmail.com>

> 2009/7/27 Bruce Mason <mason.bruce at gmail.com>:
> > You can dedicate some of your POW to a deity. The Magic Points that POW
> > would normally provide go to the deity. E.g. if your POW is 14 and you
> > dedicate 9 POW to a deity then you only have access to 5 Magic Points.
> This sounds like it is a very interesting idea, but it does seem to be
> problematic in the case of (say) something like Spirit Cults. Does it
> not strike you as unreasonable that shamans become (in some ways) less
> powerful the more Great Spirits they can summon? Strikes me as a bit
> strange.
> Would you use a different system for Great Spirits, or ignore them?
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