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Hi Roger,

We have recently started using a new system. In it, initiates invest POW in
a "Faith pool". Every point of POW gives the player 2 Faith points
(forever). Every Faith point can be used to cast a 1-point divine spell of
those you know (you learn spells sacrificing POW as usual, only this POW
gives you also Faith points). You regain Faith points only by praying (1
Faith point per hour of prayer). If no temple is at hand, you can pray after
casting the Santification spell. Magic points are only used to power up
spells to overcome magic defenses or for spells like Heal Wounds, for

Lay members can use up to 1-point spells (Shield 1, Heal Wounds)
Initiates up to 2 point spells (Shield 2 etc.)
Runelords up to 3 point spells (Shield 3, Sever Spirit, Resurrection, etc.)
Priests up to 5 point spells.

Also, fully divine cults (Orlanth, Ernalda, Seven Mothers etc.) do not
provide Spirit Magic spells, only divine. You can no longer get a Demoralize
spell from Orlanth, but you can get Fear. You still can get a Bladesharp.
One point of divine Bladesharp gives +10% and +2 to damage. So Spirit Magic
coming from fully divine cults has been "divinized" transforming them to its
divine version or (as in the case of Bladesharp), doubling its effects. BTW,
fully divine cult members will never seek a shaman to learn Spirit Magic.
They rely solely on their god or goddess for magic.

On the other hand, Magic Spirit users and initiates of spiritual cults (i.e.
cults that have shaman-priests such as Waha, Aldrya, Kyger Litor, Daka Fal,
Basmol, Malia etc.) follow the magic rules as written in RQ3.

These rules accomplish two goals:
- First, it separates Spirit Magic from Divine Magic. Because, why would an
orlanthi rely on spirits when he is the follower of the Great Orlanth?
- Second, it gives initiates a good reason to spend POW on spells. So now
players are really spending their POW very often!

BTW, divine spell matrixes can only be used by initiates of that particular
god or pantheon. Also, there are now Faith matrixes, aka holy artifacts,
that provide Faith points to initiates of the particular god the artifact is
dedicated to. There are only few, though.

What do you think about it?

After playtesting this for almost a year, I'm quite satisified with these
new rules we are applying. However, initiates of Spiritual Cults do seem to
be at disadvantage against fully divine cult members sometimes. For
instance: broos are having now more problems against PCs with Shield 2 on!!!
So any suggestions to improve this system are welcomed!!!


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> I remember the posts about divine magic, but the last one basically said
> that the donation of permanent POW for points of divine magic was considered
> pass?.
> This being the case, what does everyone else out there use instead?
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