[Runequest] Divine Magic Again

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Mon Jul 27 20:54:26 EST 2009

Hibbs, Phil wrote:
> Convert? Why would a priest of a deity in a pantheon want to convert
> anyone?
> She might help a young person of the tribe or town to decide if her deity
> is
> their calling.
More the setting than anything else. Long story short my character, though
human, worshipped Xiola Umbar (SP) from gods of glorantha box when our
home grown world was new and we hadnae really thought much about it.
Character was then put aside for long time but we decided to bring her
back. the workld had moved on and we had moved away from gods of
glorantha, so I needed some sort of designers fiat deus ex machina thing,
so concocted a story where she went off seeking the fames trolls whose
goddess she worshipped, only to get partially eaten by said trolls. (By
that time we had also ruled only Cave Troll types exised in our world).
While dying she called on her goddess (divine intervention which
thankfully I didn't have to roll) who revealed herself and healed
character. Turned ot goddess who was thought to be a troll god was
actually an orc god. Orcs on my world are pretty well structured and a
viable race, not just some monster. However tehy are much maligned in
certain areas, while in otehrs they live pretty well with humans. The
characters gaes as payment for her healing etc was to spread te word of
her true goddess among humans - so in retrospect my use of "Conversion"
was not totaly right, more a case of spreading understanding. (Orcish
goddess of hearth, peace and healing)

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