[Runequest] Drowning, Falling and Poisoning in RuneQuest

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Yes, I recall arguing for armour effects during play-testing back then. 
For example Most swords do little or nothing against plate, but a 
bec-de-corbin or falchion would damage plate as I'm sure you're well 
aware of. It didn't go to far beyond house rules that I used in my 
games. I still have my notes on some lined paper from the 70's.

What I have used on house rules is, on an "attack" roll that is a  
natural 01, a critical hit or a special hit that exceeds the AP value of 
the armour, the armour loses a point of AP besides whatever other 
effects the blow would have. Thus magical armour is unaffected, and it 
favors/simulates the kinds of things a more experienced fighter can do 
by finding the weak points in armour or striking more effectively.

Try that & let me know what you think.


Bjorn Stolen wrote:
> As I'm into HEMA, re-enactment, etc, I have had a period in my RQ-life 
> where I tried to "improve" the armor-system. I allways thoght that the 
> result ended up beeing too tedious, and not that much more realistic 
> than the original RQ(3) rules.
> I Agree to the fact that most amor/weapon degeneration is subtle and 
> slow, until a hidden crack, etc. results in a critical failure. 
> Perhaps one way would be that every time someone scores a critical hit 
> to your location, the part becomes inoperable, not nessecarily leading 
> to loss of AP, that would depend on the type of armor. A mail would 
> perhaps split and result in the bodypart beeing hampered (+1 sr), a 
> plate could jam, leading to loss of mobility (-X% to all skill rolls), 
> etc, etc.
> There is allso the fact that armor operates differently, and different 
> kinds of weapon operates differently on armor, it becomes like an X- 
> Y-diagram, with a thousand different possebilities. Some weapons are 
> designed to damage the armor, whereas a sword is next to useless 
> against plate armor (if two swordmen were to fight eachother in full 
> plate the "fantasy"-way (ie "longplay", it's absolutely possible that 
> both swords would break before any of the armour-parts would) 
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> 1) We generally played it that special and critical hits would damage 
> armor sufficiently to lower its overall protection by one point.  
> Furthermore we used the fumble of "shield strap / armor breaks" at 
> random locations to further erode armor over time.  Since both cases 
> were not common occurrences (and in the case of a critical to the 
> head, for example, a dented helm is the least of your concerns) it was 
> enough to keep players repairing and replacing their equipment 
> throughout the years.
> 2) The rule I recall for natural armor was to simply double the 
> resulting damage, rather than ignore armor completely.  While from a 
> mathematical perspective this also caused problematic results in some 
> cases, I preferred it to ignoring armor.   So my single stick (max 
> damage of 6) against the 12pt dragon scale would still do no damage 
> even with a critical.  For magical defense I always count that against 
> physical damage, the only way around that is with counter magic or 
> some other specific magical attacks.
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> A few random armor questions for folks:
> 1) I'm curious if anyone has played with the idea of armor damage in 
> the same sense as weapons/shields, ie if the AP is exceeded, it takes 
> 1 AP off until repaired.  While my players would probably cry, I have 
> to admit, it sounds a LOT more realistic over time that characters 
> would come out of a hard fight with their armor in shambles - such is 
> almost always the description of medieval battlefields and survivors, 
> anyway. 
> 2) Physical armor, magical armor, natural armor and crits: how do you 
> resolve this in your game?  Do you judge that a crit ignores ALL armor 
> points (regardless of type) on a location?  Logically I can see how a 
> crit would bypass physical armor certainly, natural armor probably 
> (there are always eyes, unarmored joints, etc), but magical defenses?  
> As regards natural armor, it seems cheesy that something with 12+ 
> points of natural armor could be slain by some schmuck's lucky blow by 
> a normal sword (or arrow; there's always that damn literary example of 
> Smaug...).  I seem to recall someone here mentioned a clever system 
> that they had for determining when some things were simply 
> undamageable based on natural armor?
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