[Runequest] [RQIII] Crafting system, was Drowning, Falling and Poisoning in RuneQuest

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Mon Jul 13 20:24:23 EST 2009

Gary Sturgess wrote:

> ... which is a nice segue into my point. Presumably, communities
> without large scale access to Repair or Form/Set spells use mundane
> techniques to repair weapons. Presumably, also, these skills are
> covered under Craft. Does anyone have any ideas for a RQ3 (or
> modifiable to fit RQ3) Crafting system? My best try so far pretty much
> just rips off D&D3e wholesale, but it's so inelegant. I'm sure someone
> has had much better ideas than this.
> --
Never really thought of it. Pretty much allowed someone in party to fix
weapons or armour with successful craft role ioif they had previous
experience as Crafter: Armourer or Smith. However I have also at times
pointed out things like materials availibility etc. Just use a rule of
thumb for how well the repair went, depending on damage to the weapon or
armour. Kind of if you fumble, you damage it worse, if you succeed its
fixed (if it were broken in two or such), but only specials can restore AP
in a weapon. Hmm, its worth actually sighting up some proper house rules
for this.

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