[Runequest] Drowning, Falling and Poisoning in RuneQuest

Gary Sturgess gazza666 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 16:50:06 EST 2009

2009/7/13 Tony <postmaster at runequest.za.org>:
> Lev Lafayette wrote:
> I always quite liked that ides. Lads I gamed with years back had a home
> brew system, loosly based on Top Secret SI. You marked half a block for
> bruise damage and a full block for wound damage. There was damage transfer
> and also your armour took damage that needed repair. So if you took 3
> points on chest with armour, your had 3 points less armour there unless
> you found timre to repair. Fallig damage was usually considered bruise,
> but hight and what you landed on added lots of dice, so if you filled up
> an area with bruize they woudl be come double bruize and hence a regular
> wound (for broken bones etc).

Well, while I think that rule may be a little over the top (it rapidly
makes armour not worth the ENC, IMHO, and you have a bunch of corner
cases for Armouring Enchantments, Shield, Protection, and Damage
Resistance), I do like the general idea of "armour disintegration
points" (to modify a term from an ANCIENT White Dwarf mag). We already
have them for weapons, after all...

... which is a nice segue into my point. Presumably, communities
without large scale access to Repair or Form/Set spells use mundane
techniques to repair weapons. Presumably, also, these skills are
covered under Craft. Does anyone have any ideas for a RQ3 (or
modifiable to fit RQ3) Crafting system? My best try so far pretty much
just rips off D&D3e wholesale, but it's so inelegant. I'm sure someone
has had much better ideas than this.

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