[Runequest] Drowning, Falling and Poisoning in RuneQuest

Tom Cantine tcantine at incentre.net
Sat Jul 11 10:24:34 EST 2009

On 10-Jul-09, at 6:33 AM, Gary Sturgess wrote:

> 2009/7/10 Lev Lafayette <lev at rpgreview.net>:
>> Chaosium RuneQuest 2nd Ed (Falling): Note that there is an errata 
>> sheet
>> that came with later printings. This is the errata rules. No damage of
>> less than 1m, 1d6 for 1.1m to 3.0m, 2d6 for 3.1 to 6.0m, 3d6 for 6.1 
>> to
>> 9.0m, 4d6 for 9.1 to 12.0m etc. Momentum can also increase damage.
>> Armour protects in some instances, Protection and Shield etc always
>> does. Normal limits on damage per location does not apply. Damage is
>> applied all to one location; a Jumping roll can determine what this 
>> is.
> I actually own a bunch of 2nd edition stuff (including the core rules)
> but I've never run or played it, so I missed this. I think this idea
> of using Jump to determine the location is a pretty good one; it's not
> as if Jump is a super skill in RQ3.

It's incomplete, though; to make it more useful, I apply an additional 
house rule that legs have 3 Armour Points vs. falling damage when you 
land on them. Otherwise the sensible thing to do, if you're falling 
near a big bad monster you'll need to run away from, is to try to land 
on your arm so you have a chance of still being able to run away.

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