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>2009/7/5 Gary Sturgess <<mailto:gazza666 at gmail.com>gazza666 at gmail.com>
>We use the
>strike rank system purely to determine who goes when - there is no 10
>SR limit except for spell casting (which is to say that spells that
>would "normally" take more than 1 round to cast still do so). If you
>have >= 100% attack skill, and you split your attack, you get the
>second one at +3 SR after the first (even if this is > 10 - so if your
>MELEESR is 7, you can still split a Fist Attack 100% and attack twice
>at SR10 and SR13).
>We've also said you can move up to your movement rate in metres for
>free, 5 times your movement rate for one action, and 10 times your
>movement rate for both actions.
>It's not very elegant,
>I don't know, it seems like a big improvement on RQ3 to me. It 
>essentially takes the same approach as mongoose RQ, i.e. it 
>separates out the number of actions you can make each combat round 
>from when you can take them. MRQ muddies the water by then making 
>the number of actions dependant on DEX so DEX becomes the god stat again.

They were told about that during the first round of playtest, too, 
but did they pay any attention?  No.
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