[Runequest] RuneQuest stuff on Ebay and Strike Rank variation

Wayne Shaw shaw at caprica.com
Tue Jul 7 03:55:04 EST 2009

>That's certainly been my experience as well. Considering having a good
>DEX makes you good at attacking, parrying, manipulating,
>"agilitating", and "stealthing" directly, as well as giving you a
>minor boost to spell casting too - and all of this is without even
>factoring strike rank calculations into it - I would be reluctant to
>make DEX even MORE important.

Yeah.  There's some tradeoffs in that you have to look at ability to 
do and take damage, and a few other things, but Dex covers enough 
ground already that it doesn't need to be stronger.

>In my opinion the only attribute that MIGHT get a higher priority is
>INT, and that's only because DEX is trainable and INT is not.

Well, for characters oriented around magic and knowledge, Int is 
priceless, and Int has a fair bit of impact on everyone when using 
the RQ3 rules because of the way it functions as the minimum 
advancement tool, so in combination with the inability to train it, I 
can see an argument there; but I doubt even it gets priority for most 

>However, with all that said, I do agree that the strike rank system in
>RQ3 as written is needlessly obtuse. I dislike having to calculate for
>half a dozen NPCs on the fly whether or not they can get off a
>Disruption before attacking, for example. I think the main problem is
>that strike ranks are doing two things at once.

The fact they interact with movement is a particular pain in the ass 
when managing significant numbers of NPCs.

>It's not very elegant, and I'd certainly be interested to hear of
>anyone who has better ideas that don't (IMHO) unnecessarily make DEX
>even more powerful. I'd also love to hear anyone who has some good
>ideas on a fatigue replacement - love the idea, but it's extremely
>annoying in actual use.

Well, its been so long since I've actually run RQ I've never really 
tried to address the problem; I found the RQ: AIG idea of 
disconnecting movement and strike ranks an improvement at least.

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