[Runequest] RuneQuest stuff on Ebay and Strike Rank variation

Gary Sturgess gazza666 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 11:17:26 EST 2009

2009/7/5 Wayne Shaw <shaw at caprica.com>:
> At 04:24 PM 7/3/2009, you wrote:
>> There is, of course a notable benefit of high DEX due to the # of
>> actions per round, but I consider that a benefit rather than a bane.
>> Fast characters should act more often.
> Which is what I'm talking about being too strong.  That's been the case in
> essentially every game I've ever seen that took this tact; it selected for
> high Dexterity over virtually everything else in the way of attributes.

That's certainly been my experience as well. Considering having a good
DEX makes you good at attacking, parrying, manipulating,
"agilitating", and "stealthing" directly, as well as giving you a
minor boost to spell casting too - and all of this is without even
factoring strike rank calculations into it - I would be reluctant to
make DEX even MORE important.

In my opinion the only attribute that MIGHT get a higher priority is
INT, and that's only because DEX is trainable and INT is not.

However, with all that said, I do agree that the strike rank system in
RQ3 as written is needlessly obtuse. I dislike having to calculate for
half a dozen NPCs on the fly whether or not they can get off a
Disruption before attacking, for example. I think the main problem is
that strike ranks are doing two things at once.

In RQ3, strike ranks are both a resource (you get 10 of them each
round) and a initiative system (they determine who goes first). In my
game we've been playing around by loosening this up a bit. You get 2
actions per turn, chosen from attack, parry, dodge, or cast spell
(with the usual limitations that you can't attack or parry twice with
the same weapon - assuming < 100% skill - or dodge twice). We use the
strike rank system purely to determine who goes when - there is no 10
SR limit except for spell casting (which is to say that spells that
would "normally" take more than 1 round to cast still do so). If you
have >= 100% attack skill, and you split your attack, you get the
second one at +3 SR after the first (even if this is > 10 - so if your
MELEESR is 7, you can still split a Fist Attack 100% and attack twice
at SR10 and SR13).

We've also said you can move up to your movement rate in metres for
free, 5 times your movement rate for one action, and 10 times your
movement rate for both actions.

It's not very elegant, and I'd certainly be interested to hear of
anyone who has better ideas that don't (IMHO) unnecessarily make DEX
even more powerful. I'd also love to hear anyone who has some good
ideas on a fatigue replacement - love the idea, but it's extremely
annoying in actual use.

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