[Runequest] RuneQuest stuff on Ebay and Strike Rank variation

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Fri Jul 3 00:10:09 EST 2009

Whilst not wanting to shill too heavily the stuff I have up on Ebay on a
rules list, there is a sufficient quantity of old exotica available it
would probably be wrong of me not to mention it:


Now, obligatory rules related matter. For some time now our group has
been using a variation on Strike Ranks, and it actually works (no
really). Here's what we do;

Every ten second round a character receives a number of actions equal to

Characters with the highest Strike Rank go first and then we work down
through the actions. In general it's set up so Divine Magic is the
quickest, then Spirit Magic and Sorcery, then Missile Weapons, then
Melee weapons. There is just enough variation that a really fast archer
can get a arrow in before a spell, a very fast warrior can strike before
a slow archer and so forth.

Strike Ranks are as follows:


Divine Magic 50+POW+INT (these operate at the speed of thought)
Spirit 40+POW+INT (these operate at the speed of incantation)
Sorcery 30+POW+INT (these operate at the speed of gestures and

The speed of spells can be boosted with extra MPs at 1 for 1 basis


XBow 30+DEX+PER (We have a PERception stat instead of APP/CHA)
Bow 20+DEX+PER
Thrown 15+DEX+STR


Long Weapons 10+DEX+SIZ
Medium Weapons 5+DEX+SIZ
Short Weapons 0+DEX+SIZ


Movement on non-engaged figures occurs at the end of all actions in
order of DEX.

It's pretty quick in actual combat and it retains a sense of
plausibility. I recently ran the Cradles scenario and actually ran the
combat (yes, roughly 100+ characters slugging it out on the top deck).
The system managed to cope without any headaches at all..

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