[Runequest] Grappling Gratitude

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Well, I'm easy to ask :)

One of the things that IMHO differs most between roleplay-melee and real life medieval/chinese/japaneese melee involving melee-weapons, is how integrated grappeling is in the fencing. It's only in modern foil/japaneese kendo or modern european re-enactment-fighting/american SCA that (for instance) swordplay is separated from grappeling. Only one german longsword-manual from 14/15th century leaves wrestling out of his manual. Here is a link to Fiore di Liberi, the italian dude whose system I've been attempting to understand the past 8 years. He separates fighting into "Giokko lago" and "Giokko stretto" (long-play and short-play), and note how his manual shows far less long-play-techniques than short-play techniques, and how throws, disarms, arm-breaks etc. is not only common, but allmost preferred to the more chaotic, speedy and chanse-ridden "long-play".



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> Greetings,
> Thank you for the helpful suggestions on grappling. It was especially
> interesting to hear about the differences between modern and medieval
> wrestling. Please feel free to share even more on the subject. :-)
> Sincerely,
> Asher Royce
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