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great info  thanks

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I'm studying medieval wrestling/grappeling, and it's an integrated part of the medieval fighting-systems (shown in Fiore di Liberi, and most of the german fencing manuals from the 14th and 15th century; Wallenstein, Ringeck, etc). I think your suggestions are quite sound, and if you want to make wrestling as effective as it is, you could add that armor don't apply (or that it only counts for half it's value).
Here are some suggestions from my part: 
If you manage to "grapple" the head, you can allso add that you can opt to choke (blocking the arteries on each side of the throat takes only 7 seconds to loose counciousness; I've tried this) -or do full damage to the head the next round (snapping the neck, poking eyes out, smashing the adams-apple, choking, etc) 
If you m anage to "grapple" the body, you can let the attacker choose to either get a free throw the next round with the head as default hit-location (most throws shown in medieval wrestling-manuals shows throws where you deck the opponents head into the cobblestones), or to go down with the victim in a traditional BJJ-context, perhaps.
-If you want to be even more effective, you can let the damage to the head be applied the same round as you got the "hit". As a round lasts 10 seconds, I think that can be realistic; When we do submission-wresling, it takes very short time from you get into a good lock and when things starts to hurt. The difficult thing is to get there in the first place. 
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> Subject: [Runequest] Grappling with grapple rules
> Greetings, comrades,
> Situation:
> In my off-&-on effort at a campaign, furtively pursued when time
> permits, I was writing up some NPC's. One is supposed to be a
> wrestling expert. Looking up the RQ3 rules, I quickly realized that I
> hadn't previously thought the rules through.
> RQ3 Rules Comprehension:
> Assume one human male character grapples another. The successful
> grappler rolls a hit location. On the following melee round, if the
> grappler succeeds again, he may either throw his opponent or immobilize
> the hit location.
> Correct?
> Immobilize Locations Other Than Limbs:
> What if the grappler had grappled the head, chest, or abdomen? Are
> there precedences for attempts to immobilize these locations? Or did
> the rules writers assume a throw, instead?
> My Own Speculations:
> If no precedences exist, I had a couple of simple thoughts. (Nothing
> clever, mind you.)
> For head immobilization, perhaps the GM could rule it as choking. Then
> RQ3's established rules for asphyxiation would apply. A simple
> solution.
> For torso immobilizations, perhaps the GM could allow the grappler to
> wrestle his opponent to the ground. This might be a step toward a
> third melee round of grappling skill rolls, the success of which could
> be the immobilization of the opponent's body -- pinned to the ground.
> Feedback:
> If my speculative ideas are flawed, please feel free to say so. I am
> open to constructive criticism. Who knows -- I might even learn
> something in the process. :-)
> Sincerely,
> Asher
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