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Sun Dec 6 16:04:31 EST 2009

> For one thing, in-game, yes leverage is one thing, but also a longer spear
> has more mass and momentum behind it and although in theory both can
> penetrate just as deeply,  you have more length to follow through with a
> long spear, so on average it will tend to go deeper into the target, whereas
> with a short spear going deeper means getting closer to the angry victim
> (who may still be trying to hurt you), so you'll tend to stab and withdraw
> for another stab.

Yes, the longer spear has more mass but keeping your second hand on the
shaft actually reduces the thrusting distance (try trusting one and two
handed with a broom handle without moving your feet).  However it
compensates for this by allowing the wielder to use his whole body mass
behind the thrust, so you can generate additional power.

Other than that, the length and bredth of spear heads are generally is
bigger than a dagger, so penetration depth can be greater and the spade
effect tends to cause more damage - if it gets through.  Broader heads are
less able to penetrate protection.
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