[Runequest] Abbey maps

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Sat Dec 5 11:36:09 EST 2009

   Thanks to all who answered!  Many thanks!  Very helpful.
   Also, if anyone is interested, a google search with "Cadfael maps"
turned up useful material.

PS  My intention is to develop a campaign in Wales.  The Macaulay book
"Castle", which uses Castle Harlech and the town of Conway to create
Castle Aberwyvern, will be the starting point of a series of adventures. 
Being coastal, it allows adventures overseas.  Being on a river, it
facilitates trips inland.  Upriver will be some sort of fantasy
Shrewsbury, where mysteries will surely develop.
   Assuming I ever get enough time to GM, of course.  :-)

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