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Talk about falling on your feet, Tony!


I had a peasant paint grains of wheat black with soot ("Terrible fungus this year, yield's down") but it only extended for the first couple of rows.  Another guy hid with all of his walnuts in a loft, but a Search roll rooted him out.  When one farmer had everything ready for the players, they were too suspicious to accept it straight away and spent ages searching his farm, turning a friendly into a very hostile.  There was also a gang of desperados wandering the countryside with a forged authority to gather tax too, so there was some combat, but not much as one of the players did a superb leap from his horse and landed between the two bandits, amazing and impressing them so much they surrendered!  I'm pretty sure there's loads more you could to to wind them up.
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> > I know the feeling of just how rewarding it is changing the thrust of a
> > campaign: I once had the players gather in the year's taxes, dealing with
> > evasive, duplicituous and conniving farmers and peasants who had the
> > temerity to (a) defraud the crown of its royal fifth and (b) keep enough
> > food to stay alive. The players still talk about it as one of the best
> > things they ever did, so clearly the change of pace works!
> >
> Fantastic idea for an adventure, and its right up the street of my current
> characters. Funny think is my gorup once toyed with the idea of having an
> specialised occupation (perhaps a subset of scribe) called Tax Collector:)
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