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While a faster person may strike first most times, they are not always able to.

And as a simulationist, you must realise that there are more variables in a real fight than just speed and weapon size.

Is there sweat in your eye? 

Did you sleep on your shoulder funny the night before and get a kinked muscle? 

Did you eat well earlier and have do you have good energy reserves?

We dont' stat out all the hundreds of things that can affect one performance to keep a person with high speed from being their maximum speediness every time they perform. 

But those things do exist and the random variable represents all those things that are not mapped directly to stats.

The generally faster person can not guarantee faster performance 100% of the time.


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"Aside from the minor ability to kill/disable someone before they can reply."

So you're slow and always hit last - get yourself a spear or pike, that's why those weapons were invented. This emphasizes the importance of combined arms and missile weapons.

Just to throw something out - Have you ever played a serious wargame with random initiatives? - the keyword being serious. In an rpg - i hardly notice the effects of a random initiative most of the time. But when playing D&D miniatures i found that a lucky initiative roller could dominate the game. Since a game might be as short as 10 turns - the statistical average could easily skew towards one player. I don't mind losing beause of poor rolls which are mediated by stats and skills - (that's the game) - but a raw initiative that's not tied to anything offends my simulationist bones. I'll have to try Sandy's new rules - since it might offer the best compromise between luck and mediation. 


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