[Runequest] strick ranks continued

John Haverkamp magbhitu at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 19 04:49:24 EST 2009

"Aside from the minor ability to kill/disable someone before they can reply."

So you're slow and always hit last - get yourself a spear or pike, that's why those weapons were invented. This emphasizes the importance of combined arms and missile weapons.

Just to throw something out - Have you ever played a serious wargame with random initiatives? - the keyword being serious. In an rpg - i hardly notice the effects of a random initiative most of the time. But when playing D&D miniatures i found that a lucky initiative roller could dominate the game. Since a game might be as short as 10 turns - the statistical average could easily skew towards one player. I don't mind losing beause of poor rolls which are mediated by stats and skills - (that's the game) - but a raw initiative that's not tied to anything offends my simulationist bones. I'll have to try Sandy's new rules - since it might offer the best compromise between luck and mediation. 


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