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Wed Aug 19 01:05:16 EST 2009

 >>Personally I find they work quite well, and keep the combat
>> advantages of initiative down to character STATs and weapon
>> and armor choices. For me the more luck taken out of initiative
>> the better.
>Doesn't it seem odd that a tiny difference between characters can make the
>difference between always being hit first, and always hitting first? Then
>again, first-mover advantage isn't that huge as there are no wound
>Phil Hibbs.

Aside from the minor ability to kill/disable someone before they can reply.
But Yeah, that's why IMO initiative systems ALWAYS have to have a random
element.  Nobody should know FOR CERTAIN that they will be able to draw the
gun/swing the sword/kiss the girl before someone else; you might be 'pretty
sure' or 'darn near positive' but never 100%.
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