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I know the feeling of just how rewarding it is changing the thrust of a campaign: I once had the players gather in the year's taxes, dealing with evasive, duplicituous and conniving farmers and peasants who had the temerity to (a) defraud the crown of its royal fifth and (b) keep enough food to stay alive.  The players still talk about it as one of the best things they ever did, so clearly the change of pace works!
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> I know this is hardley a new subject for an adventure, but I had my
> palyesr tackle a murder mystery last weekend. It was actually quite
> enjoyble, a different tack from the usual military campaign I am running.
> That plus it was one of the NPC soldiers under the characters who was
> implicated.
> I cannot deny I got a kick out of a primitive who has worked hard to
> become semi civilised plus a viking type housecarl running about trying to
> find witnesses and delay the lawspeakers decision:)
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